van de Broeders en de Zwaen – Piece with UK subtitles

At first glance it all seems very peaceful in the park; a swan quietly glides in circles on the water whilst Puck sits on a bench next to the pond. But what is that? Is it the wind that makes the leaves rustle or is someone hiding in the bushes? When Puck looks up, the swan is gone…

This is the opening scene of “The Bothers and the Swan”, a fantastic story where Puck finds herself back in the Middle Ages in her struggle to save the swan. She enters Jeroen Bosch’s studio, has to run for her life to avoid being branded as a witch and also pokes fun at all the genteel members of the Order of the Swan.

The Brothers and the Swan is an animated film in which the viewer is introduced to life in the late Middle Ages. The film is part of “Het Feest van de Zwaan”, which is a series of shows in schools including a performance by Cappella Pratensis.

commissioned by Cappella Pratensis 2022